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Search Engine Marketing - The Respectable Way

There's a new word for online copywriters: "Content Producers." Around here, we consider it an expletive because it denegrates the importance of the written word online.

At Chronicas, we don't simply "produce" content. We plan, study, and execute the plan that best fits your web site. We won't throw words out hodge-podge and willy-nilly. We will study your market, review your metrics, and make informed decisions on how to best approach an editorial strategy for your web site.


We understand the value of your brand, and are cognizant of the effect that content has in upholding that brand. Agressive geurilla tactics don't work online; how you look online is just as important as how you look anywhere else, and we'll balance that approach with a customized marketing plan.

We're not just writers here, but creative web strategists with a reputation to uphold.

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